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Quest list – how to include it in your gamified design

Apr 20, 2017 by Game Master Comments: 0 Tags: fun, gamification, quest list, task

The main objective of a gamified experience is to make players do some actions. In a gamified experience, that actions are nicely called as quests or missions. How to use quest list The Quest List contains all the missions, how to accomplish them and how many points you receive if you accomplish it. Some quests can be optional and other quests can be mandatory in order to get to the next level. You have the freedom to choose how many quest to show in the quest list and how to share it. You can share all the missions for one day, entire week, level, or for the entire game, or even one at a time. Our suggestion is to keep it simple and to ask yourself all the time what is the added value of every mission and how it helps you achieve your objective. Read More

Points, badges and leaderboards

Apr 20, 2017 by Game Master Comments: 0

Let’s start with the most common triad, used in most gamified experiences or products: Points, Badges and Leaderboards. Those are very common game elements because they are very effective and easy to apply, but those are just basic gamification elements and we will show you in this section more complex and efficient game mechanics.   Points Points are the simplest way to reward a player for completing an action or a series of actions. This game technique is helpful to motivate people who like to achieve points or to have a sense of progress. They are used to encourage people to take action and to do things in exchange of achievement. They can be used to unlock content and even spend as currency to obtain some goods (virtual or even physical). How to use points Every mission or action that you want to include on your gamified design can be rewarded by a specific number of points. You need to choose carefully the number of points depending on the difficulty of a mission or action. If a player receive more points for a easy mission he will be demotivated. Also, if a player puts in a lot of effort for […] Read More