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Millennials dream of a nurturing, enjoyable workplace

Oct 24, 2016 by Game Master Comments: 0 Tags: gamification, gamify, HR, human resources

Mindset & vision – let’s start from here We want to transform the work environment into the place where people are happy, they play and they develop. Why focusing on work environment ?   Work is a big part of our lives. We are under the illusion that we pay with money but I believe everything we pay for, we pay with time. Would you like some candy ? That’s probably several minutes of work. Need an urgent cab to the other part of the city ? Few hours of work it is. Gift for a friend ? That should be around 1 day of work. New clothes ? Let’s approximate that to one week of work. Summer holiday for a week ? That should be around one month of work… for two ? Let’s make it three. And from here numbers become bigger and bigger… wanna buy a car ? An apartment ? Costs of living for a new family member ? The equation is quite simple, you need or want things, you have to work to be able to get them. Well… in most cases. But for these in particular, life makes work a mandatory activity. And, if […] Read More