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Gamification as an innovative approach for HR processes

Our work environment is changing year by year and we already know a new generation will take over the workforce by 2020: the Millennials. A generation with different approaches regarding their career and different expectations about their workplace. For the new generation, workplace satisfaction matters more than monetary compensation and they need to find meaning in what they do. They are less likely than previous generations to put up with an unpleasant work environment and much more likely to share with their friends how bad is the work environment of your company. As a HR specialist, we can create that happy environment we all want and deserve, without affecting the work performance. In HR, beside the generational shifts we have to face up a lot of challenges: To attract and retain top talents, in a very competitive market where these are just a few and they also have a lot of expectations; To grow our employee and to develop within them the right capabilities to achieve our business goals, with just the right amount of investment and considering employees don’t usually stay on meaningless processes. To help new employees integrate in our culture and become productive as soon as possible; […] Read More