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Alternative University’s Camp – gamification case study

Oct 30, 2016 by Game Master Comments: 0

The Alternative University is a personalised learning program, created with professionals in various fields, to help grow young students, capable of generating a change in society. University’s Camp is one of the most impactful experiences of its program, it’s a seven day intensive camp, full of learning, that kick starts the new academic year, it is known as one of the most powerful and beautiful experiences. Playful Solutions has worked with the Alternative University to gamify 2016’s Camp. We offered a solution that increases the involvement of students in the daytime activities and made this camp more fun. This is how we did it. What was the challenge? The Alternative University has a culture based on freedom. No activity is mandatory. This faced the organisers with a possible difficulty, lack of involvement from some students regarding the agenda. Also, the students get involved in co-creative activities like waking others up, serving breakfast and so on, that tend to be less fun. Finally, the team wished participants to be proactive and organise random fun activities on their own, on top of the agenda they created. What is the goal? Build a fun atmosphere during the camp and encourage players to get […] Read More